Restriction on Content, Image, Editorial and Visual Content

You may not use any material on this website, or any sub-website without written approval.

Please use the contact us button in the footer if you wish to licence for use, any of the below;


To be clear, if any user, customer or website visitor wishes to use any "Content", which means all content available on or from the Alond website, including Images, Footage, Editorial, and Music (as defined herein);

  • "Footage" means any moving images, animations, films, videos or other audio/visual representations, video elements, visual effects elements, templates, graphics packs, and motion design projects excluding still images, recorded in any format.
  • "Image(s)" means still photographs, vectors, drawings, graphics, and the like.
  • "Music" means any musical compositions, master recordings, and any other recordings containing sounds or a series of sounds, in all formats, now known and hereinafter developed.
  • "Editorial" means still photographs and footage appearing in any tab/section.
  • "Visual Content" shall refer collectively to Editorial, Images, and Footage.

then you must contact us first to obtain permission and/or approval from us. In some instances, we may require licence payments for the use of that content.


In the event that we grant approval for the use of "Content", this is what you cannot do;

You cannot sell, re-distribute or share our "Content" or copies of our "Content" for others to use.

This also means you must not add our "Content" to any image gallery, stock image site or template where users are able to access our "Content" or incorporate them into new designs.

You must not make our "Content" available in a format that allows others to access or reproduce them.

We do allow you to create individual items on behalf of a client, but you must only share your final item with your client, not our standalone "Content" files. If your client requires our "Content" file for future projects they must have their own agreement with us.

You must not claim that our "Content" is your own work. This means you must not claim that you own the intellectual property rights in any "Content" or attribute the ownership or origin of our "Content" to anyone other than us.

Intellectual Property Rights

The majority of our "Content" has been created by us and we own the intellectual property rights in them. There are a small number of "Content" items that have been created by other photographers, artists or authors who have given us permission to use BUT NOT redistribute them on. These third parties own the Intellectual Property in these Contributor "Content" items.