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It's our very own Identity Parade for Badge Makers:

Ask us how to measure your badge machine correctly

 Ignore the colour of your badge machine, please look at the shape.

Email us your mystery badge machine photo, we may be able to help :-)

  • Identify your machine here!
    • Badge It!™

      Bandai Badge It

      The refill for the 3cm (or 30mm) compatible badges.These badgemakers are sold under many different names and shapes Click Here

    • Three Leg Badge Maker

      3 Leg Badge Maker

      Unknown maker. This is a metric machine. Alond badge components in the correct size will be suitable.Click Here

    • Slide Badge Machine

      Slider style Badge Maker

      This badge maker is metric, a distinct white nylon slider supports the dies. Alond badge parts in the correct size will be suitable.Click Here

    • Badge-a-Minit™


      Badge a Minit™ Australian Machine, please ignore the colour differences between your machine and our photo click here

    • Tecre™ button machine

      Tecre™ button machine

      We have Tecre™ sizes available, click here. Tecre button makers are always black with a red handle

    • Mills™ Badge Maker

      Mills™ Badge Maker

      Ignore your machine colour, the Mills™ label (and the 57mm size) correctly identifies this click here

    • Badgeworks™ 57mm

      Badgeworks™ 57mm

      Badgeworks™ in Tasmania, compatible badge parts Click here

    • Similar to the famous Alond badge maker but shorter.

      Turntable style Badge Maker

      Measure your die/badge size, then browse this website, Alond badge parts will be suitable. Click Here

    • Slider machine with slot in the spine.

      Slider style with slot in spine

      Measure your die/badge size, then browse this website, Alond badge components will be suitable. Click Here

    • Badgebee™ (two models) badge makers.

      Badgebee™ badge makers

      Measure your die/badge size, ignore colour differences, click here

    • Blankbadge.co.uk™ badge makers.

      Sorry, no photo currently click here

      NOTE: PRE-JAN 2012 MACHINES ONLY. Measure your die/badge size, then browse this website, Alond badge components will be suitable.

    • Badgematic.de™ & Button-King.de™

      Badgematic™ and Button-king badge makers

      NOTE: Our engineers are examining the possibility of creating compatible badge components for this range, use the contact link below and we will update you when stock is available.

    • Badge'rs Pty. Ltd.™ (Victoria, Australia)

      Badge'rs Pty. Ltd. (Victoria Au) No stock CURRENTLY

      Do you have one of these machines? Please contact us (use contact form below).

    • More compatible badges to be added!

      More Badge Making compatibles to be added

      Ask us if your badge maker is not listed!

Please note the following:

Just because a supplier describes a badge size as (for example) 57mm, it doesn't mean that another supplier wouldn't call that same size 58mm!

Badge diameter is a useful descriptor for badges but it's not the complete story, skirt size can vary, the profile can vary, the depth of the back rim can be different, mylar thickness can be different.....