Die set (mould) 75mm, special, only used for Alond badge mirror compact making

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Die set (mould) 75mm, special, only used for Alond badge mirror compact making

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This die-set is required to make the 75mm compacts, the B die is deeper to accomodate the compact body. This die-set CANNOT be used to make our standard 75mm badges.

See this link for the 75mm mirror compact https://alond.com.au/75mm-badge-components-double-mirror-compact-makes-25-badges

Please take a moment or two to find a ruler to get a true size of our 75 mm badges. These Badges do indeed make a big statement!

We have seen these used in retail stores for special promotions like "1000 days interest-free", by the time the salesperson has walked up to the potential buyer, that person is already aware of the latest store promotion, it breaks the ice, and presents a great topic of conversation to begin the sale.

This die set (the two components that actually join/clamp the badge components together) allows you to make 75mm compact badges. We call these "easy change" die sets as you can swap these die sets in a few seconds, no tools needed.

The three die components that go to make up a complete die set are the heart of a good badge machine, with the heavy solid construction and very accurate manufacture, they fit together very accurately.

Ultimately what this means for you is that you can make badge after badge quickly and easily with the minimum of effort and fuss.

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