Die set (mould) for your Alond badge machine, 25mm in size, make your machine more versatile

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  • How to change a badge maker die set in 18 seconds see below;

  • Die set (mould) for your Alond badge machine, 25mm in size, make your machine more versatile

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    One of the most used "compact" size badges, very popular for discreet badges, or a badge with a simple message or logo. Making magnetic back badges in this size you can create a chess or draughts game for your fridge!
    There are of course, MANY other creative ideas you can complete using this size of badge, let your imagination loose!

    This die set (the three components that actually join the badge components together) allows you to make 25mm badges on your Alond badge maker, it's easy to upgrade if your machine currently is limited to other sizes. Easy change die sets for badge makers, swap these die sets in a few seconds, no tools needed.

    This is the smallest of our die-sets, it is made to the same high standard as all of our die sets. This die set is a high precision material designed to make it easy for you to make many badges quickly and with a minimum of effort!
    If you are looking to make a different size badge, swapping out the die sets is easy, just take out the two bottom dies place them carefully to one side and then carefully grasp the top die and pull downwards.
    As there is a magnet holding the top die in place we strongly urge you to place a cloth below your hands to avoid a sudden impact with the base of the badge machine. This is fully explained in all 16 page manual, and it's one of many tips in our manual to make your badge making an easy and fun pastime.

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    Additional Information

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    Great quality
    Love the interchangeable die sets. Quality machining and so much flexibility now. I have this and the 37mm that came with my original machine and this SO fits my needs as a teacher, and my spouse who sells digital art badges online.
    How are we doing?
    Review by Al / (Posted on 20/01/2020)