Desktop Rectangle Cutter 65mm by 90mm

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  • Souvenir, Gift Shop, Museum and Art gallery Fridge magnet maker. Cutting three sheets of paper for your badge maker fridge magnet, easy! see below;

  • Desktop Rectangle Cutter 65mm by 90mm

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    Use this cutter to speed up your fridge magnet production.

    These Desktop Cutters are of fixed size, but will prepare consistent, fast, high quality artwork for the production of 65 x 90 mm badges.

    There is no blade to replace and these units handle multiple sheets of 80gsm paper or single heavier (400g) photographic paper, cutting clean, consistent edges.

    Desktop cutters are quicker as you can see what you are cutting, it’s a bit like looking through a ships porthole, just move the paper around until it’s aligned, and pull the lever.

    Now, the good and the bad; You have to cut your A4 paper into two strips, or print on A5 paper (available from most stationers in Australia and NZ), most printers will print on A5 paper just by selecting that size . You CAN cut artwork from more than one strip of 80gsm at a time, so if you have for example, four sheets with the artwork in the same place (they should be if they came from the same printer) just slide them in and cut!

    Note; this cutter cuts larger rectangles (with chamfered corners and corner notches) , the correct size for Alond 65mm x 90mm museum/tourist souvenir fridge magnets.

    The precision-ground steel blade stays sharp.

    As we have mentioned before, desktop cutters can speed up your badge production significantly!


    Note that this fridge magnet cutter weighs approximately 19 kilos, so please use care when you lift and handle this badge cutter:

    Lifting hazard. Single person lift could cause injury. Use assistance when moving or lifting.

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