Desktop Circle Cutter 37mm

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Desktop Circle Cutter 37mm

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For the higher volume badge producer.

These Desktop Circle Cutters are of fixed size, but will prepare fast, consistent, high quality artwork for the production of 37mm badges.

Desktop cutters are quicker as you can see what you are cutting, it’s a bit like a ships porthole, just move the paper around until you can see it’s aligned, and pull the lever.
Now the good and the bad; You have to cut your A4 paper into strips, or print on narrow strips, (most printers will print on narrow paper).
You CAN cut more than one strip at a time, so if you have for example, four sheets of 80gsm with the artwork in the same place (they should be if they came from the same printer) just slide them in and cut!

There is no blade to replace and these units handle single sheets of heavier (400g) photographic paper, cutting clean, consistent edges.

This circle cutter cuts an actual disk size of 48.5mm

Note; RSI and badge circle cutters.
Any work that forces a person into an unnatural position can lead to repetitive strain injuries, the turning of a screwdriver for example, or perhaps repetitive finger movements without any rest or even sitting in an uncomfortable position can all lead to repetitive strain injury. We have had a customer recently who is moving away from the traditional coffee grinder circle cutters and is replacing them with these desktop circle cutters.
Please note that we suggest that you follow all guidelines for avoiding repetitive strain injuries including taking frequent breaks.

The precision-ground steel blade stays sharp.

Both the hand held and desk top cutters need you to cut the paper into strips, this is their slight disadvantage, however because they are fixed size cutters they are always ready to cut exactly the correct size with (most importantly) a single action, rotating cutters always need multiple repositioning of your hands in order to complete a cut.

The desktop cutter also has the advantage of being able to cut two or three sheets at the same time, so if the artwork comes out of the same printer it should be in exactly the same position.

The added advantage of the desktop cutter is that (with a bit of effort) you can bolt it down to a worktop and quickly slide paper through and pull the handle down without needing to steady or brace the cutter.

Use this cutter to speed up your badge production.

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Love this!
Great item for cutting down on scissor time. Excellent quality and great service!
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