Charm Design Cabochon Badge Brooch with Safety Link Pin (pack of 20 + 5)

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  • Charm Design Cabochon Badge Brooch with Safety Link Pin (pack of 20 + 5)

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    This is a very simple, easy to make beautiful piece of jewelry.

    You can make a unique statement with this beautiful round cabochon based jewelry, style it to suit yourself or your customers with your own graphic design, or perhaps a suitable fabric as we have done here on this site.

    This is part of the Alond Charm range, you will find other jewelry pieces in the same range on this site. It's very simple to make your beautiful brooch using the Alond badge machine.
    It's so simple to make, just place the back, the dome, your artwork and the mylar in your badge machine as normal, then when you have completed the process, you can use the double-sided adhesive disk [which is supplied] to securely fasten your artwork to your brooch.

    This will indeed allow you to make some distinctive and individual jewelry, which is sure to go well for casual or more formal wear.

    Yes indeed, once you admire your finished work, you will be sure your clients will also love it.

    To neatly finish this jewelry badge piece,
    you need to wrap the claws (the pointy things) over the badge.
    Without using any excessive force place the badge into position on the jewellery piece making sure that it is level, press down lightly to secure against the adhesive sticker. Using a wooden "pusher" or stone setting pliers gently ease the claws over until the badge is sitting level and is held firmly in place.
    Finally ease over the tops of the claws so that they are flush with the surface of the badge, being careful not to mark the badge. The "pusher" can be as simple as a toothpick or matchstick, but please don't use a metal "pusher" as it might scratch the jewellery claw.
    The Vogue "claws" are short and you will only need to move them slightly to "tidy" the item, the Charm claws are longer and will need more manipulation for best visual results.

    IMPORTANT: The quantity supplied is 20 + 5, this is because we can't be sure there will be 20 perfect items, therefore we supply an extra 5, just in case)

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