This has nothing to do with our company, but it seems Badges are still very popular as promotional items, in Australia In Dolly magazine, there are three badges being given away with the magazine only in those two supermarkets.

It's promoting a blue ray and DVD release, apparently on October 29, 2014. They are being offered as collectables and obviously will have great popularity with fans.

For our blog readers out there, it may be useful to grab a copy of the magazine with the badges.
If you are selling your completed badges for profit, waving the magazine with the badges in front of your prospective customer may be useful in closing the sale for a few hundred badges!

I'm thinking, for example, of new business which is opening up in your local town or suburb, perhaps a new restaurant or coffee shop? There are always retailers that are talking about their car park sale, or the biggest sale in the universe, or any other sale they can think of.
If you can talk to the manager of that store, and explain how badges will help promote the event, how wonderful it would be if you could get the business!