We are always receiving messages from badge makers wanting other brands of badge components. We have been told of importers who stopped bring in the badge machines, dropped them from their range and ignored all their customers.

We can now happily tell those people that we will be supplying TECRE™ compatible badge components in;

TECRE™ compatible 1 inch pin  (25mm in Australia)

TECRE™ compatible 2 1/4" pin (57mm in Australia)

TECRE™ compatible 2 1/4" Magnet (57mm in Australia)

CHINESE unlabelled machines;

32mm Chinese machine compatible (almost all Chinese machines are true millimetre sizes, unlike USA machines which are really inch sizes labelled with the closest full millimetre size).

44mm Chinese machine compatible

See them all here; http://alond.com.au/quality-compatible-badge-components.html

We of course, are supplying Badge-a-Minit™ compatible components in the 57mm size (really 2 3/8 inches although some call them 2 1/4" )


We can also supply suitable badge components for Mills Badge Machines! Contact us for more information.