You might have noticed something different about our website, the top of it has gone green!

We are talking here about website security, not the environment.

If you look at the top of the website, you will notice we now have a green padlock showing in the address bar, with our registered company name. This essentially does two things, first of all it securely encrypts all communications between you and us, and it enables you to be assured that you are on our official site.

Obtaining this certificate has taken quite some time, and we have had to speak to some people in the United States of America, sending them our company credentials, supplying details from ASIC, domain name verification which was checked independently, and authorisation from an officer of our company.

All of this work had to be completed to the certificate issuer's satisfaction before we could get our Extended Verification Certificate (EV CERT).

Obtaining this certificate has taken a lot of time and effort (and an amount of money every year) so why did we do it?
It is becoming far more common for nasty people to create fake websites and ask you for a lot of personal details and credit card information.

To be very brief, you can be sure when you provide us with information via our official website, that it is securely encrypted and coming only to us.
Like most reputable organisations and companies, just supplying the goods or services to our customers is not good enough, we need to make sure that your information is secure.

This security enhancement we hope will keep the hackers at bay and give you the confidence you need to shop safely.