I was going to add this to the page on "http://alond.com.au/badge-ideas/" page but I thought I would post here instead, as I am sure there will be many happy people travelling home and falling asleep on the train!

The idea is; make some of these using our 75mm machine, and at the train station sell them to the sleepy travellers, (perhaps have a large poster showing what you are selling), ask the sleepy train traveller which station they need and then write that station name in permanent marker on the Mylar (probably best in red)

A "Marketing Tip"; put a label on the back of your badge so your happy travellers can tell their friends where they bought it!

I'm sure that will generate some income!

Just right-click the image and "save as" to your computer.

Happy holidays! Joe, Paul and the rest of the Alond team.

Badge Making Wake Me at this station