One of the most perplexing problems that seem to occur for no reason, your badges are now (only occasionally) developing a “scrunched-up” side, to describe this another way, instead of the paper and Mylar wrapping neatly around the edge of the badge, the Mylar has been pinched out so it now is like a ‘fringe” that sticks out from the edge of the badge.

This is a curious problem and only generally happens after some time of badge machine use. It is actually easy to explain and easy to fix;
The explanation:
The right-hand die angled side that guides the Mylar and artwork into the correct clamping position has become rough and is grabbing the Mylar rather than letting it slide past smoothly.
The fix:
The correct way to cure this is to use a SMALL AMOUNT of silicone spray (or otherwise called a dry spray lubricant) around the edges of the dies.
The other cures?
Use other lubricants, perhaps some candle wax or WD40 (yes, in this case I do suggest WD40, but not to lubricate your machine, see my other post(s) on this).
Any of these should fix this problem on your badge machine, but the Silicone spray will not make visible marks on your Mylar after you have completed your badge.

WHY this problem occurs? Almost nobody treats their badge machine with any care! If you don’t cover the machine after use, if you don’t wipe the machine down before use, dust in the air that settles on the machine will cause slight abrasions on the die sides, the smooth sliding surface becomes slightly rough; this causes the “grabbing” effect that ruins your badge making.