I've recently come across this website, as most of us usually do, whilst looking for something else entirely.

The badge collectors Circle has an amazing breadth of detail, the archive (as of this date) has 5860 entries!

The first thing that struck me about this website is that it is purely a pin badge hobby site, there are no badges for sale, and there appears to be no advertising on the website at all.

After having a browse through the website and reading the about us page, I have to admire the sheer dedication and persistence of Frank Setchfield. Since 1979 Frank has been actively involved in pin badges, or as I frequently mention in this blog, "pin buttons" if you are from North America.

For many years he wrote and edited a Pin badge magazine, and also wrote a book "the official badge collectors guide".

If you have found an old badge and are trying to identify it, if you have an old badge and wish to donate it to Frank to add to the badge collectors Circle, or even if you wish to borrow a badge, you really should contact him and see if he can help you.

There is a frequently asked questions page, which will prove useful. There is also a Facebook link and a twitter link.

This is a link directly to the website: http://www.badgecollectorscircle.co.uk/

I have to say, personally, I admire his dedication and single-mindedness.