Making a few badges is very simple, however making a lot of badges takes a little bit of organisation.

The most simple thing is to make sure the work area is clear, remove anything that is not directly related to making badges, make sure you have good lighting and the chair you are sitting on is comfortable. If you design, print and complete your artwork including cutting out the circles, this will enable you to work with all completed badge components in front of you.

We at Alond are great believers in making sure your badge machine is securely clamped to your work surface, apart from the safety aspect you will be able to use the badge maker one handed.

Once you have securely clamped your badge machine to the bench, place the badge parts in their own containers.
For example, for badge backs use one small Tupperware container for the badge fronts or domes, use another Tupperware container.
The Mylar can go in a very shallow tray. this will allow you to work in a smoother fashion, as your hands will automatically be going to the correct spot to pick up that particular component.
See our previous blog on how to fan your Mylar, or, in other words, how to make sure you only pick up one piece of Mylar at a time.
To speed up badge production the easiest tip we can offer you is to make sure that when you empty a die you fill it with the next components required. In other words, when you take the completed badge out of one die you replace it with a pin back, this will speed up your badge production considerably.
Make sure you have few distractions in your work area, and always try to have a target or goal in mind. For a example " I will complete those 100 badges before I make myself a cup of tea"!

Happy badge making, and as we always say " Make more smiles"!