We at Alond are selling an increasing number of name badges (name tags), and we were asked a question: "Why do we need name badges?"

Two of the Alond staff have worked previously in retail and didn't even think it was real question, in retail it's always necessary to wear a name badge. but, we decided to do a little research (on the web of course).

This blog article http://blog.namify.com/name-tags/are-name-tags-useful/ made us realise that not everyone thinks it's good, but that blog lead us here;


Many more articles seem to cover the aspect of social interation; the initial barrier of "the introduction", a name badge says "Hi, I'm ready to chat/help/answer questions".

This is somewhat in the vein of a previous blog of ours covering the introduction of a badge on the London Underground; "Tube Chat?" badges.