Really only for DC comic book fans, the Journey of The Comedian’s Smiley Face Pin Badge.

You will notice thar the article discusses the Smiley Face Button, when the author Dave Gibbons calls it a Smiley Face Badge (I am guessing that Dave gibbons in not a native North American" I could be wrong)

This is an associated article from the same website where the author discusses the smiley face pin badge;

In an interview with the author Dave Gibbons, he says;

"So on the sketch that I did, I drew a tiny little yellow smiley faced badge"

For international readers of this blog, in most places in the world the item in question is known as a "Pin Back Badge", but in the USA, they are a "Pin Back Button" and because it was invented in the USA, (see my other blog article linking the original patent application) I suppose we should call them buttons.... or perhaps not... :-)