I was very fortunate recently to attend the Van Gogh and the Seasons exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria (Australia).

As is usual for most exhibitions and galleries in the world, the exit is always through the gift shop. It is very difficult after you have been so impressed and moved by the works of van Gogh, not to pick up either a book or something that you can take with you that reminds you that to see the actual brush strokes of a genius is a treat indeed!

I was very pleased to see in the National Gallery of Victoria gift shop a range of fridge magnets and pocket mirrors. I have mentioned elsewhere on the Alond website that badges, pocket mirrors, key rings and fridge magnets are an important part of any gift shop in a gallery, museum or gift shop in a tourist area.

I am just sharing with you two items that I purchased in the National Gallery of Victoria gift shop.

Disclaimer: It is important that I make very clear we did not supply these to the National Gallery of Victoria.

We can however supply the equipment that makes these items; click here. Please see the images below to give you an understanding of how the finished products look.
We can supply the equipment and the raw materials to make these items, it would be the responsibility of the gallery or museum to source the actual artwork used and of course obtain the correct permission for the re-use of such images. I will point out there are advantages to making the items in the gift shop (or in the small office behind the gift shop!) You are always able to make enough items for sale, but not have an embarrassing out of stock situation, or just as bad, to have ordered too many of the wrong item.

Some of our customers in country areas of Australia have already sourced images, some of them are photographs taken by local photographers, this makes it easy to negotiate reproduction rights. You are welcome to contact us if you would like further details.

Showing the front of a souvenir fridge magnet and a souvenir pocket mirror from a gallery gift shop Showing the backs of a souvenir fridge magnet and a souvenir pocket mirror from a gallery gift shop