During our working holiday to the UK we took the opportunity to visit a few places of interest.

I could say this visit was purely for business purposes, but in reality I had never visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford in the UK which has a rather remarkable collection of aircraft.

I would strongly urge anybody visiting the UK to take a day out to visit this museum, it is an amazingly comprehensive collection.

This museum is a little bit different from normal museums, as you actually walk through the gift shop before you go in to the museum (of course you also go through it on the way out!)

Please see the attached couple of photos of the fridge magnets, as you may know, we do supply the machines that make these particular fridge magnets so this is not an entirely altruistic post :-)

The usual disclaimer: we did not supply any product to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

I did like the fridge magnets which showed the posters that were no doubt very common around the UK, "eat less bread" particularly caught my eye.

Fridge magnet showing poster from the UK Second World War

Fridge magnets at the Imperial War Museum Duxford

Fridge magnets on a countertop display at the Imperial War Museum Duxford