It can sometimes be very difficult to correctly align a Circle cutter when cutting out your badge artwork, this is not an original idea of ours, this was suggested by one of our badge making friends.

It's a simple matter of Finding a heavy grade of paper and using sticky tape to stick it onto the base of your variable Circle cutter.

So if you can imagine this, you now have your Circle cutter with a heavy grade of paper stuck to the bottom of it! Now if you left this, it wouldn't be very useful so here is how we easily make this useful.

Using the Circle cutter in exactly the same method as you use for cutting out your badge artwork paper, cut a circle out of this heavy grade of paper while it is still secured by sticky tape to the base of the cutter.
You now have your Circle cutter with some heavy paper stuck to the bottom of it, with a hole cut in the middle of it.
This now gives you a perfect way of aligning your Circle cutter over your full page of printed artwork.
Very conveniently, you can just move the Circle cutter so that the hole in your heavy grade of paper exactly aligns over your artwork, you then cut out your artwork as normal. The job is done nice and easily!

As a helpful tip, you might want to make the heavy grade of paper a darker colour, as if it is white it may be difficult to align with your artwork which is probably also printed on white paper.