Ok, this is a little tongue-in-cheek, but it will certainly help you track down why you sometimes get "bad" badges;

In no particular order;

  • Make sure the paper is smaller (or bigger) than the Mylar, that will help make sure crimping will fail
  • Pick your badge maker up and transport it just holding onto the handle
  • Slam the dies backwards and forwards using all your strength just to make sure your machine will be mis-aligned
  • Never bother with lubrication of your badge machine
  • Use really thick (or too thin) paper
  • Place TWO DOMES (they are othewise called shells) into your machine at once, that'll stop you making badges for quite some time and will cost you money to fix
  • Don't keep your machine clean and dust-free, that will help create "Mylar Wings", and you will be able to throw more badges away
  • Use two Mylar disks at once, that will also help jam up your machine and waste your time
  • Don't bother to make sure the slider/turntable is in the correct position, just leave it a few millimeters away from the end stop, that should waste a few more badges.
  • Slam the handle down with all your strength and then release it to spring back against the top stop, that will help damage and mis-align the machine too
  • Buy the wrong sized components and try to jam them in to your machine to make them fit
  • Use your machine on a soft surface and allow it to wobble around
  • Cut your paper disks by hand instead of using a circle cutter, that should waste even more badges!
  • Never bother checking the bolts holding the dies are tight, just let them get loose and misaligned

Updated: July 2017 with the following;

  • Swap over the dies, so that Die A is in the B position, that will certainly stop the badges clamping together.
  • Don't read our 16 page instruction manual, just guess at how to setup the machine and hope it works!
  • Try to reuse old domes/shells that have previously failed, they will NEVER make a good badge


Please understand, these are all things you MUST NOT DO if you want to continue making sucessful badges!