If you use your Alond badge maker (or any badge maker really) to sell badges, it is important to consider the presentation of your completed badges.

When you walk into a retail store, you may not be consciously aware, but there has been an lot of effort put into the presentation of the goods offered for sale. This is certainly true when you walk into a national retailer. The reason is very simple, if the item for sale is packaged attractively it is more likely that the potential buyer will become an actual purchaser of that item.

This Pinterest user has created a page just collecting interesting packaging of pin-badges, some of them are quite standard (for example we sell the clear high transparency self sealed envelopes and also the drawstring bags) but there are quite a few creative ideas that I thought were worth sharing with our readers.


If you are not a Pinterest user, it is worth taking the time to register to see the above link, I must confess you can certainly spend quite a bit of time browsing through this website of creative ideas, I know I do :-)