It's always good practice to cover your machine after use, but it's not just to keep things tidy!

The two main reasons will help avoid the following; DIRT and STICKING MYLAR.

If you leave you machine uncovered you will have a coating of dust over all the machine surfaces after only a few days. This light coating of dust will work it's way inside the bearings and contact surfaces of the machine, increasing wear and shortening the time between lubrication intervals.

The dust on your machine (if not removed carefully) will certainly be transferred onto the operators hands and from there to the badge components. This just means you will reject those badges as unfit for use.

There is a third reason; dust is abrasive and when you make badges when there is dirt on the die set clamping areas. the dirt will indeed slightly roughen the chrome surface. This will increase the friction between the Mylar and the die set and will occasionally cause "Mylar wings". We do mention this in other blog entries.