A badge making stall as a fundraising option for your school, or in fact for any fundraising is always a really good idea. However, it is becoming less common for people to carry cash.

This alond badge blog today is just offering some options to make your fundraising much easier, and perhaps a little more secure.

We do offer on this site, a cashbox, which is lockable. We also have security cables to lockdown the badge machine and also the cashbox.

In our fete organising kit, we do mention making sure you have change for large banknotes as well as coins, and making sure that the cashbox during your open days, is always secured.

So looking at the above, how can we collect more money, in a more secure fashion? The answer is to use one of the inexpensive mobile card readers.

When this blog was written, a retailer in Australia called Harvey Norman was selling a mobile card reader for AU$19.
Essentially that device, like most others of this type, plug-in to a mobile phone using the earphone socket.
This means someone can walk up to your badge making stall, send their kids to sit down and draw some artwork, and they can tap their credit or debit card onto your card reader.

You will have to chat to your bank to enable this, or you can use a product called "PayPal Here" which is a PayPal app for your phone. This will allow you to collect funds straight into the PayPal account.

If you allow yourself a little bit of time to get the above organised, you can almost say; "yes just tap and go!" And your fundraising is made much easier.

Handy hint: where your banner is displayed above your badge making stall, include an extra note saying credit cards are accepted here, that makes your stall even more attractive.