It's an interesting topic, choosing a font, we spend so much time thinking about the images involved we forget the font is IMPORTANT!

Most of us have a range of fonts on our computer (some of us hand-write our badges, that's good too!) but we need to think about WHAT we are saying and if people can read it!

We need to cover the basics, a font that is the correct size and design to be read at a distance, and a style that enhances what we are trying to communicate.

I won't recommend fonts, everyone has their own favourites and if you discuss this with any graphic designer, be prepared for a LONG chat.....

I would suggest that a font in keeping with your theme will be helpful, for example, if you are designing a badge to be worn by Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) fans, you might want a font that is "Elvish" inspired. I use this site (again, we have no association with this site) for some free fonts, here's a direct link

Make the most of your designs but don't just look at the images :-)