A brief blog today covering a "non-standard" way of using your badge components to make pin-on crown seal badges; We have two easy methods to make your very own bottle top badges, the first is the quickest and cheapest;

  1. Take a glue gun and the pin back from our 25mm badges, place a blob of hot glue inside the bottle top (or Crown Seal) and place the pin back so the image on the bottle top is upright. Judge carefully the amount of glue you need, too much is wasteful and too little may mean your pin back may not glue securely.
  2. Grab some of those foam adhesive squares (the ones with sticky on BOTH sides). Peel off the protective paper on one side, place inside the bottle top, remove the other side protective paper and stick the pin-back to the sticky foam!

It will be best if you try to make sure the pin back is level with the edge of the bottle top, this will make sure it's easy to get to the pin to affix and remove your new bottle top badge!


UPDATED 2nd March 2013

If you are using a glue gun, there are a few tips;

Use baking/non-stick/silicone paper on your work surface

Put a small blob of glue first on the BACK of the badge back (the side where you can't see the pin) this will keep the pin away from the surface of the badge back and allow you to open and close the pin.

Put a large blob of glue inside the bottle top and WAIT a few seconds for it to partially harden, doing this will allow the back to stay a greater distance from the bottle top thus allowing easier pinning and unpinning as it's more difficult if the pin is below the surface.

Happy badging!

Bottle top 25mm badges