bestvaluegadget™, Catch™, VidaXl™ and other eBay™ (Australia) Badge Makers.

We've had a number of questions from users of badge machines purchased from the above companies on eBay™.

The main question is about the suitability of Alond metric badges for their badge machines. We will attempt to answer some of the questions here and hopefully make this page a useful reference.

In general, all of the Alond standard 25 mm badges will work with the above 25 mm badge makers.

In the case of 44 mm badge makers, we carry a limited range in that size, and all of them will fit the above companies' 44 mm machines.

In the case of 58 mm badges/buttons, it is important you check your purchased 58 mm machine to ensure that it has a hole in the side of die B (this is the die that you normally place the back of the badge into). If this die has a hole in the side it will allow you to purchase from Alond all of the badges in 58 mm that have key chains.
A slightly longer explanation may be to say that when you are making 58 mm badges you need the hole in the side of the Die to thread the actual keychain itself through, if you don't have the hole, you cannot place the back of the badge in die B correctly, therefore, the badge cannot be made.
You can of course still use all the standard Alond 58 mm badges that do not have chains or other protuberances from the back of the badge.

The above information is only relevant to Chinese made badge makers. It specifically does not apply to American made machines such as Tecre™ or Badge a Minit™ machines. It may not apply to badge machines supplied from the United Kingdom. And local Australian badge machine companies may require a different size than the standard metric types, but of course we do have many compatible badges that may be suitable. See this page:

Please be aware:
If your machine has a problem with alignment, (this means if the top and bottom dies are not exactly in alignment with each other), and you are finding that some badges you are making are failing, you will have the same difficulty with our badges. This is to assure you that Alond badges are made to a high standard but they expect to be made in a machine that is aligned correctly.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact button below.