This can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, perhaps your mylar is being squeezed out to one side, or perhaps the badges are just not closing properly. This is easy to check, just put your finger up inside the top die, if you can feel a hole in the middle then you don't have a jammed dome (or two) if you can just feel a smooth surface, that's a dome you can feel. The fix is easy, just use a small screwdriver to GENTLY push up one side and this should push down the other side and allow you to remove the dome.

The other cause of mylar "wings" is that the die side has become rough, allowing the die to "grab" the mylar instead of it smoothly slipping past. This is mostly caused by a badge machine being left uncovered or badly stored. Dust and other particles in the air settle on the smooth die and IF NOT WIPED OFF will slightly scratch the die side and will then "grab" the mylar. The fix for this is easy, just a small amount of lubricant placed where the die seems to grab will cure this. We normally suggest a silicone spray as a first choice as it does not stain, but we have heard of people using candlewax and even soap!