general Badge Making Printing tips;

use paper made specifically for your printer.

When buying, read the package carefully and check your printer’s manual to make sure it's suitable.

Papers that can cause "challenges" include: Heavily textured papers. They can cause annoying paper jams.

 Very smooth, shiny, or coated papers can cause jams and even repel ink if that paper is not designed to work with your printer.

Give your artwork plenty of time to dry. Even though your paper may appear dry to the touch, moisture can remain in the print and will need time to dry completely.
ALWAYS return unused paper to its original package and SEAL the pack.

Paper settings generally control the amount of ink that is put on the paper. Change printer settings to work best with different papers. Here are some guidelines: Different papers absorb varying amounts of ink. For example, photo paper absorbs a lot of ink, while vellum absorbs very little. Check you're using the right setting for your  paper and remember to change it back for your standard paper.
Too little ink will give you poor quality, and too much ink can cause a smeary mess.