This is only a very general guideline to setting up your own stall for badge making, but this may help you with the basics and point out some pitfalls to avoid.

The easiest way to set this up is to pre-cut the circles with the artwork already printed. we strongly suggest that the circles have a variety of line art on them allowing the younger children to colour in various areas, there should also be text for some of the badge is including such lines as "______ best friend", " I like ________", " my favourite teacher is ________", "my pet's name is _______". these are of course just basic suggestions and you can probably do much better inventing your own lines!

Don't forget, if there is a local social issue, such as the building of a controversial highway or something of that nature you may be able to sell completed badges to concerned adults.

Don't give too many choices for the preprinted circles as you will almost always find that the ones you have run out of other ones everybody wants.
Perhaps just limit your choices to 10 or 12, and have a much larger version of those printed on a poster with the number underneath so you can find them easily in your separate boxes that are numbered likewise.
We don't suggest that you just give out a blank circles unless you have a hints board (this is just the number of suggestions printed where the children can see them), and the reason for this is very simple, you will find that the children will sit down for 10 minutes trying to think of something which will tend to clog up your artwork table!

There should be one person, preferably an adult, to be in charge of the badge making itself. This means that they will take the completed artwork and place it in the machine makes the badge and then hand it back to the customer.

There should be one person just dealing with the cash and making sure those people who have paid to have the correct number of precut circles.

You will need a large table with chairs to allow the children plenty of space to work on their artwork, and of course you will need to supply them with coloured pencils or crayons.

It's always a challenge to set the correct price for the badges, but normally you will find a gold coin (here in Australia) will be cheap enough that most parents will be happy to part with it. You may want to consider offering one badge for one dollar and perhaps three badges for two dollars. There is always the option of course, to do a special deal for five dollars!

A banner at the top of the stall, painted by the children, will attract more people to that stall.

It is always a good idea to make sure all the people working at the fete are wearing badges promoting "buy their own badges" at your stall!

You may have the ability to make more than one size of badge, for example our machines can make many different sizes, but, you will find even knowing it only takes 30 seconds to swap over our die-sets it will make the production of badges a lot more involved. Our best advice? Choose just one size, make it one of the larger badge sizes, or have two machines if you are going to produce two different sizes of badge.

We are always interested in feedback from organisers of these reminding us of points we might have forgotten, we will then update this blog for the benefit of future organisers :-)