Laurie-Jean asked us about badge designing software. We have never offered any designing software for badges and tried to help Laurie-Jean with some links to other companies products.

Laurie-Jean wrote to us with some info which we suggested we would re-post to possibly help others;

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Hi Paul,

 Thank you so much for your reply.

 Just thought I would let you know what I'm doing incase others ask the same question I did, re: design software.

 I have subscribed to American Badge Machines design centre, it is about AU$80 for the year (so not free), they work on inches so I have worked out that if I adjust the print scale it can print at the correct size for your badge sizes.

 Printing 1" badge design at 105.5% scale and 2.25" designs at 103%.

 Hope that might help anyone else out there!

 Is your company thinking of producing badge design software?? I would much rather my money go to your company than to US.

 Thank you so much for all your help.

 Kindest regards