Paper choice is VERY important in the perceived quality of your finished work.

I cannot stress enough, take the time to carefully choose the correct paper, please let me explain;

Standard photocopy paper is a simple wood pulp paper, ink from an ink-jet printer will soak into the wood fibres, giving a "soft" smudged effect, as if your image were slightly out of focus.

The same applies to colour laser printing, the toner particles will fill the voids between the fibres and give the same blurred smudged effect.

Please spend a few minutes chatting to some knowledgable paper people in your local printing supplies shop, they will almost certainly show you (at least) some colour suitable paper which is usually a coated paper (frequently a kaolin coated paper) this will probably still be a matt finish, step up a little more and you will get a glossy or semi-glossy paper.

Top of the range for you will be a photo quality paper, very fine grain and able to retain the most subtle colour tonal changes.

If you take the time to count the number of badges per page, it sometimes makes good sense to upgrade you paper choice.