I recently called in to an Alond customer and was very pleased and impressed to see they had a dedicated corner for their Alond badge maker.

As you can see from the photo, they have a range of die sets, and desktop cutters for each size of badge. But what is most apparent (to me anyway) was that they had taken a few minutes to screw down the badge machine firmly to their desk.

The difference a secured badge maker makes to badge making is quite remarkable, all of a sudden you have a free hand that is always available to select the next component or to remove the finished badge.
When you have your badge machine loose on your desk or table, you will find frequently that you use one hand to press the lever down and the other hand is used to stabilise the badge machine.

With a locked down (screwed down) badge maker, all of a sudden that second hand can be used to make your badge making more efficient.

The cost is quite low, really only a couple of wood screws are required, and perhaps a couple of minutes with a drill to create the pilot holes in the desk.

Showing an Alond badge maker secured to a bench using wood screws