March 17th 2013 Melbourne - our school fete day and the skies are dark and rain is drizzling down. Thank goodness for our great indoor craft activities - especially Badge Making sponsored by Alond.

Kids of all ages seem to be having fun - I see a four year old doing her own creation next to an older boy who is meticulously making a skeleton badge. They all actually like pulling the handle down and "crunching" their badges. Once that plastic cover gets secured on - the results look brilliant - really slick. And there have been no hitches - the machine works smoothly and is a cinch to show the next round of volunteers how to work it.

Surprisingly it is the plain badges that seem to be most popular - followed by magnet backs as a close second. The kids don't seem as big on the cartoon keyrings as I would have thought. And there are a couple of Dad's walking around with badges that read "World's Best Dad" - I'm hoping it was their kids that actually made them!!

Thanks Alond for helping us with such a fun easy activity - over 160 badges were made during the day!!

Rachel, King David School, Melbourne

To those reading this Blog, Rachel kindly gave us a PDF with some badge templates, let us know here at Alond (via our contact page) if you wish a copy of the PDF to use for your fete.


Badge samples used at the King Davids School, sponsored by Alond Pty Ltd