Pin Buttons or Badges can be used for:

Update October 2012; Take your camera down to your local bar area, take photos of the local bars and pubs and perhaps pick up their takeaway menu. Make up a single 58mm magnetic bottle opener with their image/logo/slogan (make sure you include your details either on a sticker on the back or incorporate it into the front design).
Call into the establishment, ask to see the manager, give him/her the finished product and explain;

how it will remind customers about their business

it will encourage the customer to phone the business for takeaway items (you DID add their phone number to the artwork didn't you?)

How inexpensive each bottle opener is when compared to many other forms of advertising

And sell the concept with this simple observation "it will pay for itself with just ONE takeaway order"!


Update August 2012; 25mm magnetic badges can be used as chess pieces on a fridge (or other board games) 58mm magnetic for Whiteboard holders, perhaps with days of the week.
Band Badges in 25mm are a standard, but how about latest console game badges, offer them to players in the games arcade, or perhaps online players.
Talk to your local conference centre, see if you can create some suitable name badges.

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