As an alternative to a franchising business, this may be suitable for you.

In this brief article we will just cover the basics of a potential badge creating making and selling business, we will include some ideas, and you can assess the suitability for yourself.

Financial outlay

Unlike the majority of franchise models, we don't require you to purchase badge products from us, you are not limited to a territory or an area, and essentially, you are totally responsible for making your new badge business a success.

Range of services

In a traditional franchise organisation the franchisor is responsible for some aspects of the franchisees business, including advertising, marketing, training, support and guidance etc etc.
Alond proprietary limited would be supplying none of this.

Overview of the badge making franchise model

In this single page on our website we are just making the observation that not all home-based businesses (or, small business) need to follow the franchise path.
What some of our customers are doing;
Over the last few years of business we have supplied a few thousand customers with badge machines and components for various uses and tasks.
We will however just make general observations of those customers that use their badge machines to generate some income.
We have a few customers who are very artistic, and are looking for an outlet and means of selling their completed artwork to the general public. For them, a badge (perhaps as a badge keyring or mirror) can convey and present their artwork to the general public. Some of them do this at their local market or fair, at a street stall, supplying the local giftshop, or online on their own website or online using Etsy or Pinterest. Or in combinations of all of the above.

There are other customers who do not use their own artwork but are content to supply images or text that are relevant to a group that they have embraced (so to speak), I will use a few examples; role playing gamers.
The badge maker will create various characters, perhaps they have different levels, but each gamer may want to collect multiple badges with their characters or avatars as they are otherwise known.
Another example, is popular music. Many younger people need to share with their peer group what music, singers, bands they admire or follow.
A third example which is particularly appropriate in Australia, sports and sporting heroes. We have one customer who uses our 58 mm mirror badge and uses photographs of popular football players, they seem to be very popular.

Update: we also know of a customer who bought our name badge machine and uses her time to walk around local shops, offering to make them name badges "on the spot".  She takes a photo of the store logo and the names of the staff members and drops the completed badges back to the shop.
She very cleverly adds a little sticker to the back of the badge giving her name and phone so they can order more.


As a franchising concept badge making does not have the normal barriers to entry, by this we mean the initial outlay in a normal franchise operation may be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.
In contrast, buying a badge machine and enough components to create 100 badges is relatively inexpensive. You may for example buy the badge components for 19 cents each and sell them for three dollars each, but the quantity you would need to sell to maintain a household would be considerable.
Perhaps you might like to think that you could make sales of between 10 badges and 100 badges per week, this, at three dollars per badge, would give you an income of between $30 and $300 per week. Less of course the cost of the components, the original outlay for the machine, and your time to make the badges.

Effort? Yes, you will need to provide this yourself

Most successful businesses survive and grow because the owner/operator is prepared to put time and effort into the business, badge making is no different. You will only get out, what you put in.

This short article is just a general overview on the concept of a badge making non-franchise (if you'll excuse me mangling the English language).

This article cannot be taken as a recommendation, or financial advice, you must of course assess its suitability for yourself taking into account your personal circumstances and financial status.

You are of course very welcome to ask questions or to make comments on this article, or even if you feel the urge, to submit some corrections or additions :-)

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