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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

Charities & Fundraising

Q Why badges instead of lollies?


Q Badge display stand?
Q My 25 mm badges don't press together properly, I'm using photographic paper?
Q My image quality is not very good, why is this?
Q What paper should I use?
Q Where can I go for a badge making workshop?


Q How do I align the badge artwork with my variable badge circle cutter

Making money in my spare time

Q How easy is it to make badges?
Q I want to use my badge maker to make some money in my spare time, how can I do that?
Q OK, how about you give me some ideas for selling badges that nobody has thought of yet!

I don't have an Alond badge machine.

Q I have a Badge a Minit brand badge maker
Q I have a badge machine, but not from you, and I don't know what badge size it takes!
Q I have a BadgeBee™ brand badge machine
Q I have a Bandai Badge It! badge making machine.
Q I have a Mills badge making machine.
Q I have a Tecre brand badge machine
Q I think my badge machine was made in China
Q My badge machine has no name!

Using this store

Q Can I phone my badge order through?
Q Does Alond.com.au have a physical store in my state?
Q How much will the postage (freight) cost?
Q I want to pay you directly from outside Australia
Q Is ........ in stock?
Q Something's out of stock, how can I order it?
Q Where is your phone number?

School, Education or Government

Q How can I obtain an accurate badge quote for my School, Education or Government

Freight and Shipping

Q Can I pick-up my badges order and not pay freight?
Q Christmas deliveries and shipping times within Australia
Q Delivery time, how long until I receive my badge order?
Q Do you ship badge makers around the world?
Q How much will the postage (freight) cost?

Buying from outside Australia

Q What else should I know about badge related international orders?
Q Buying badges from Alond, but I'm outside Australia
Q Is GST charged for orders outside Australia?

Badge Makers

Q I have a Bandai Badge It! badge making machine.
Q Lubricating my badge maker?