Alond Badge Making Frequently Asked Questions

Why are badges a good idea for charity or fundraising giveaways , instead of lollies?

In Australia , the tax office considers that the purchaser of the lollies , has gained a material advantage (food) , a badge has no other use , if the charity/fundraising offers for a donation , food , the charity may be liable for GST. PLEASE NOTE; this doesn't constitute financial or legal advice , talk to your accountant!,

My image quality is not very good , why is this?

It is quite frequently the case that the paper quality you have used is not correct. For example , if you use an inkjet printer , using a standard photo copy paper will not work very well.

Photo copy paper is actually quite fibrous , and the ink will run along the paper fibres , this gives a blurred and smudged image. It is particularly important for a small area like a badge so we always recommend you use the correct paper for your printer.

You also need to be aware that you can have different graphic image resolution (quality), images need to be at 300dpi (dpi = dots per inch) for printing purposes.

Most images downloaded from the web are in 72dpi , thus they make poor fuzzy images.

I'm not mechanically minded, will this be a problem?

It is extremely easy to make badges using our machines, and in fact there are children as young as eight quite happily making badges (probably at that age I would suggest parental supervision) it is however very simple to do, and most people pick it up within a couple of minutes!

In this situation we recommend going to a larger badge size or use a thinner paper.

NOTE: When we talk about photographic paper we are not including "colour/photo quality" papers that are sold for digital printers , these colour digital papers can be as thin as standard photocopy paper and will work well for 25mm badges.

The simplest way is to decide in what area you would like to specialise, for example, on eBay there are some sellers selling badges for bands, others make badges for their local schools , we certainly know other people that make badges for their Union and still others for birthday parties, going away parties , all sorts of things.

In reality, you are only limited by your imagination!

Well , how about that for a challenge! This is one I thought of a few minutes ago....

Many people are now playing computer games where they gain skill levels the longer they play. Why not grab the images for those levels (something like Mage, Warrior, thief, sorcerer, wizard etc) and advertise those badges on eBay?

Or perhaps even pass a few badges around school, I'm sure word-of-mouth will have your Badge Business growing dramatically!

It is extremely easy to make badges using our machines, and in fact there are children as young as eight quite happily making badges (probably at that age I would suggest parental supervision) it is however very simple to do , and most people pick it up within a couple of minutes!

Melbourne University students union had a badge making workshop in February 2010, I'm sure if you contacted them they would tell you when the next one is scheduled. see:

>Update: we now have the "Badge Machine Identity Parade" page click here for an easy way to identify your badge maker;

The following is useful if you can't see your badgemaker on the above page;

The easy way is to grab the "dome" or top component, and CAREFULLY measure it, remember, there are companies out there selling "non-standard" badge sizes.

If you don't have any components, then CAREFULLY measure the place where the "dome" fits into your press.

Can you find a makers name anywhere? We can recognise most of the badge machine manufacturers!

The next best thing to do is to take a photo and email that to us. If you rest a ruler on the left hand die that will also help! Don't worry though, we can always supply a "test" badge kit if you request it

On our Metal Variable cutter , what we normally suggest to people when they ask, is to set the cutting blade at 9 PM (if you can imagine the face of a clock) place that on the edge of your artwork and then turn the handle so that the blade is at 12 o'clock, and move the whole of the circle cutter upwards until the blade is correctly aligned with the edge of the artwork.

UPDATE! Another option for you is to use some heavier weight paper, secure it to cover the entire bottom of the cutter by sticky taping it to the sides of the cutter and then use the cutter blade to cut out your previously set circle size.

Leave this paper taped to the base of the badge cutter and simply place the cutter over your artwork, the hole in your taped paper is now EXACTLY where your artwork will be cut!

The easiest and simplest method is just to order as if you were going to buy; add the products you need to the shopping cart, and when you have finished, go to "checkout".

When the website asks how you will pay , just click on "Request for Quote".

If you have filled out your name and address correctly, the website will correctly calculate the total including postage to your postcode, and in a few minutes you will receive an email with all those details.

YES , if you measure the left hand die and it is 58mm, we have supplied many 1000's of components with great results reported from our clients.

BUT , you MUST order the Mills compatible badge, that is the correct compatible badge for a Mills machine..

My badge press has no name, can you help me?

Update: we now have the "Badge Machine Identity Parade" page click here for an easy way to identify your badge maker;

We can also help if you can't see your badge maker on the above page, just take a digital photo of the machine , and take a measurement of the left hand die , and email this to us , please use the email address;

We will let you know or we will ask you for some more information, so please; INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

The easiest way to get an accurate postage charge is to to add your chosen items to the shopping cart and then go to "Checkout", if you then fill in your postcode, the weight of all the items will be calculated and a postage charge will be displayed.

Don't worry , you don't need to buy anything!

Just click a top menu item to return to the store.

We generally ship from postcode 3205 and will despatch after payment within one business day, if you would like an estimated delivery date please go to the AuPost website, fill in your postcode and ours , that website will offer you an estimated delivery time.. is purely an online store. We do operate from a physical location (based in Melbourne) but this is not a retail store and there are no "pick up" facilities

Because our business is purely online and delivery based , we do not have the facilities to allow us to offer pick-up. All orders must include freight and are subject to our normal delivery conditions. Refer to our freight section for further information

Sorry, but we cannot accept orders via phone

We have limited staff working for and they are usually packing, unpacking, delivering, receiving stock, picking stock and many other administrative tasks during our business hours.

We do endevour to answer all emails and can phone you if required, we will endeavor to answer any question you have related to ordering and the purchase of any of our products. Just use the "CONTACT US" button in the bottom menu.

We also have the resources to answer any technical or professional question related to the products featured on our site.

You can order ONLINE 24/7 at

With our simple procedure you can browse our website and place an order at any time. Follow our easy step by step process and within minutes you will have an order placed with us correctly calculated including postage costs to your address.

Thank you for your understanding.

If you can add a product to the cart , in other words , if the "Add To Cart" button is showing , then the stock is available , but if you are trying to add more than one there may not be that quantity available , just try adding smaller quantities until you are successful

Alond does not publish a customer service phone number.

UPDATE: you can now ask us to call you back (if you are in Australia or New Zealand) , just use the call-me-back button on the top left of the home page :-)

We have found that the best way to keep our prices as low as possible for you , our valued customer , is to answer queries by email. 

Our customer service staff are well trained and experienced in answering any sort of query you may have by email. Just because we don't have a phone number doesn't mean that real people don't work here!

Check out our About Us page to learn more about our company, people and philosophies. And of course, our FAQ page also answers many questions

You will find that standard photocopy paper works well if you are using a laser printer , if you are using an ink-jet printer you must use a suitable ink-jet compatible paper.

Make sure that the paper you use is not too thick, 80 to 100gsm seems to work the best in our experiments, using paper outside this range may cause an increase in badge making failures.

High gloss papers may be used but might be considered a waste of money as the gloss is already obtained by using the Mylar.

If a product is out of stock, there is no "Add to Cart" button and we don't take back orders BUT.. You can add yourself to the"Click here to get auto-notified when this product is back in stock".

What happens is that as soon as stock is added to the website, the website looks at your notification request and sends you an email saying

"Hey , ............. is back in stock".

To display your badge to it's best advantage you need to display it at the correct angle.
I copied the idea of a "plate stand" that you often see in antique stores.
Officeworks sell a heavy clear plastic cover for presentation folders, take one of these fold it in half and carefully cut a suitably sized version of a plate stand. Unfold to 90 degrees and there you have a perfect badge stand!

>UPDATE Jan 2014: We will have Tecre compatible badge components by the middle of March 2014. Update June 2014: They work VERY well according to our customers!

If you have the 2 1/4" (otherwise known as a 57mm) Australian machine, it is normally beige or grey colour the WE CAN HELP! We have compantible badge components available from November 2012.

Well , that's generally good news! MOST Chinese machines we have seen are metric sized.

Please contact us first, but we should be able to help you with the sizes we currently have in stock.

To ensure overseas payments are made to us swiftly and without any difficulties, you will need the following information:

Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia


BSB number: 063167

Account number: 10535166

IBANs are not used in Australia. However, payers in certain countries may require us to provide one.

IBAN: 06316710535166

We ship to most places in the world, it's common for us to ship to NZ but we also have sent badge machines and parts to the US, Sweden , Indonesia and many other places.

To get a shipping estimate, add the items you require to the cart, then checkout as if you were going to purchase , fill out the address details and then you will be given a total cost including freight. You do not need to pay any money at this point , this is simply an easy way to get a total amount.

We do realise that customers from the USA and Canada (in particular) are used to the excellent service that popular couriers provide domestically in your countries but would also hasten to point out that this level of service at this low cost is not made available outside your countries by these same companies.

UPDATE: We now offer options during checkout for you to add tracking and/or signature on delivery. Insurance in not included in this but can be requested just by using the contact us button below this page , extra fees will be incurred if you request this.

We are almost always issued with a tracking OR consignment number which can be used to make enquiry at the Post Office here in Australia and also to claim insurance (should you have paid for insurance) but if you have not requested tracking, it will not be trackable. If you have requested tracking, you will be able to use online web based tracking, we always send tracking information where tracking has been requested.

We can provide an express courier shipping facility (which includes an internet trackable number) for an additional cost.

Shipping by Registered mail typically takes 3-15 Business days while Customs can add another 5-10 business days to shipping times in countries where customs is 'fast', for example Singapore. In countries where we have found Customs to 'not be fast' (Canada and Netherlands in particular spring to mind) , Customs can add up to another 30 business days to the delivery process due to their slow processes.

Please be assured we do not 'hold onto' your money; we ship 98% of all items within one business days of us receiving payment.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your order details. After we have shipped your order you will receive tracking information , you can click on the link provided to get further details from Australia Post , that same page will be able to show you various stages in the journey of your order.

Australia Post will deliver your purchase within 1 – 5 days for metropolitan areas. For orders originating from remote regions , Australia Post will deliver within 5-10 days approximately. During the Holiday season to ensure delivery of your orders in time for Christmas , please make sure that your orders reach us by the recommended dates.

During the Christmas period we will have a link to the Australia post website with last shipping dates and approximate delivery times, see the bottom of the homepage.

We will always endeavour to provide you with the best possible service.

You the customer, are responsible for any duties, taxes, fees or restrictions that may apply to your order. Please check if any of these apply before ordering.

All customs declarations are marked as ‘Merchandise’ with the product value paid. We are unable to mark international shipments as ‘Gifts’ , understate the value of the contents or send without an invoice.

A small number of products are pre-packaged in unnecessarily heavy cardboard boxes or oversized packaging which increases shipping costs. In order to reduce shipping costs for you , we remove this oversized packaging and replace with compact packaging with equal or greater protection.

This packaging change has been factored into our shipping calculator costs. If you require a product to be sent in original packaging , please contact us for a custom shipping quote.

No GST is charged on goods for international orders (orders with a billing/shipping address outside Australia). The GST is automatically removed if the address is outside of Australia.

GST is charged on the postage/shipping portion of the order, as that is supplied within Australia.

Please just contact u , tell us which Alond badge machine you have , and we will email you an easy to use guide.

I have a BadgeBee™ badge machine, will your components fit? YES , We have all three sizes for this machine.

BUT , you MUST order the BadgeBee™ compatible badges, that is the correct compatible badge type for a BadgeBee™ machine.

I have a Bandai Badge It! badge machine, will your components fit?

YES , if you measure the A die and it is 30mm, we have supplied many 1000's of components with with good results reported from our clients.

BUT, you MUST order the Bandai Badge It! compatible badge, that is the correct compatible badge for a Bandai Badge It! machine." href="" target="_blank">

It is worth reading this if you are having difficulties with badge/button making.