Badge making gift, souvenir and fridge magnet ideas

Gift, novelty and souvenir stores.

The top activity for tourists is shopping.

We've added this page to present some thoughts on location-based souvenirs, for example fridge magnets or keyrings with photographs showing the local area, or point of interest.

If you have a store or market stall in a tourist area, bear in mind that your customers will be after local specialities, they will probably be as happy buying a three dollar keyring as they will spending more for an expensive quality gift.
Whilst you are designing and or presenting these tourist gifts/souvenirs keep in mind that the local residents may also be interested in buying them, perhaps as a gift for their house guests, or homesick friends overseas.

If you have a website for your store or your market stall, it is not a bad idea to set up a separate page to help you sell your local keyring and fridge magnet souvenirs.
It is little known fact people on the other side of the world might be willing to pay for international postage for a fridge magnet showing  your local high street, or the favourite local fishing spot.

Showing Alond Snap badges with Port Melbourne scenery used to create souvenirs


For those in Australia it may be useful to call the Australian government small business support line: 1800 777 275, the New Zealand version of this is 0800 424 946
There will certainly be government support for small business in many countries in the world.

If we are looking specifically at our fridge magnets made with our badge machines, or our snap together fridge magnets which do not require a badge machine, the following will probably be helpful to give you an idea of the images that will help your souvenir/gift items sell;

  • interesting or prominent buildings: monuments, amusement parks, zoos, theme parks
  • beautiful local scenery
  • intriguing scenes in nature, including local fauna and flora
  • interesting geological formations
  • fun things to do in the local area
  • places to get to know local culture and history
  • local festivals, for example; harvest time, food festivals, music or local celebrities
  • transportation can be an attraction too, ferry boats, steam trains, bicycle tracks, horse riding trails

The above are certainly some ideas for your local tourism souvenir items, here are some additional thoughts for you;

  • take great photographs
  • visit other tourist shops when you're on holiday, check out their local tourism souvenirs, make sure yours are better!
  • When you print your artwork, make sure you are using a good quality photo printer, and good quality photo paper. (We talk about this elsewhere in our blog pages in more detail)

We mention above "take great photos", you will need a decent camera to do this, and a photographer's eye! 
If like me you can't take a decent photo, see if you can locate a student undertaking a photographic course or somebody at your local camera club, if it is to promote their local town or community, they will probably be very willing to help.

if you already have a gift store, you are probably buying your stock from a national distributor, this means your stock is exactly the same as everybody else's. Having a point of interest and difference will attract people into your store because they won't be able to find your local tourism items anywhere else.