Make your own; Australian Political Campaign badges

Political statements are a very common use for pin badges, you see these political badges being worn frequently in US elections.
The PowerHouse museum in NSW has a collection here, with images;

Objects date between 1940 to 2008.

We have sold many badge machines to Student Unions, the unions distribute the badges to publicly display the wearer's opinions, concerns, and loyalties on a range of issues and concerns.

 If you want just a few election/campaign badges, just browse the local trading websites, it will be the easiest. They appear to be around AU$4.50 each.

For more than 100 election badges it makes sense to buy a machine and components and make your own Just as an aside, normal speed of badge making is between 100 to 200 badges per hour, therefore; 1,000 election badges will take between 5 and 10 hours to create, you will generally find that for full time campaigners wearing the 75mm badges are best as the voter can easily read the message at a glance.

If you are looking for a badge to give away (or sell for a campaign donation), the 58mm or 37mm will be most suitable, but we suggest that the 37mm badge only depicts a image/logo as text will not be easily read.

For large quantities (for example a televised election meeting or campaign rally) you would want to distribute a pin-badge one to every attendee.  We would suggest that for political badge quantities over 2,000 it may be better (a better use of time)  to have them made for you.

Feel free to contact us; under this link

 Here is a video of school students producing a campaign button on one of the most ancient badge machines I have ever seen; link here