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    This store was set up because we had noticed that there was no high-quality easy-to-use badge machine e-commerce store in Australia, it is our intention for this site to offer a high quality product, with all the information you would need to make an informed choice, in an easy-to-use Web ordering system.

    You should find this store simply and logically laid out, with not only the basic information you need in order to choose the right product, but you will also find a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page which is equally useful for first-time users and for people who have used a badge machine for many years.

  • Tell us if there is something on this site that confuses you, or something that is not clearly explained, or any other difficulty with this site you may have.

    We would much rather you spend a few seconds using the contact form and letting us know what we could improve, or how we can help you. It will almost certainly help you, and will most probably, help future visitors too.

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  • We are always looking at new badge concepts, our "hook and loop" 25mm badge is a world first, as are all our jewellery items, and there are more on the design desk....

    If there is some way that you think you could contribute to this website, perhaps by a review of one of the products, perhaps a suggestion for a new design of badge, perhaps a new method of more efficiently laying out the badge components prior to making a lot of badges, we would always be pleased to hear from you. You are always welcome to contribute your thoughts on how we may help the fund raising and charity section of the Alond badge making website.

  • The staff and management of this company have brought more than 45 years of business experience to Alond, and we believe that you will find this a great assistance to you as well as assurance. There will be someone on hand with a mature and reasonable outlook who is more than happy to have a chat with you to try and resolve any concerns you may have, whether it be with badge making, machines, special needs you might have, or even, as happened to a colleague of ours, a request for over 2 million pre-made badges!

    This site is very comprehensive in the way it accepts payments. You will note that you can order and pay using a number of different systems from something as basic as submitting a purchase order and paying by cheque to an easier pay using PayID, PayPal or Bpay. UPDATE: you can now pay in instalments with Afterpay.

  • We have mentioned this before elsewhere on this site, but it is worth mentioning again, no credit card details are recorded on this website and we never see any of your credit card details. When you DO use credit card payments via PayPal, Bpay or AfterPay, you actually get transferred to their secure website where in all cases that website is responsible for the security of your credit card information.

    To all of you, from all of us at Alond Store - Thank you and Happy Shopping!

    Store Manager