56mm badge Dome *extras* (shell) (pack of 100)

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56mm badge Dome *extras* (shell) (pack of 100)

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These were ordered as a customer special and never collected, so they are being offered at a below cost price.

Domes, normally part of our badge making paraphenalia, offered here as we were asked a number of times,

"Can you supply Domes only"?

What can sometimes happen is that a badge is not made correctly, so you take the whole badge apart, and try and reuse some components. This can cause problems, because the dome has been used in the badge making process, the rim of the dome has been slightly squeezed inwards to clamp the components together. Once this happens, the dome is useless.

Important; these are only for a metric 56mm badge, WE DO NOT NORMALLY STOCK THESE, ask us for more information about suitability for your badge maker.

Note that these DO NOT fit our badge components and are actually; for a size we do not carry.

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Additional Information

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