25mm Badge Butterfly Military Clutch Pin Back makes 100 badges

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  • Butterfly clasp pin badge maker see below;

  • 25mm Badge Butterfly Military Clutch Pin Back makes 100 badges

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    Easy to make, strong, rugged and reliable!

    These are frequently used as tie-pins (not tie-clips, those are different) OR lapel Pins, where the nail (or pin) pierces the fabric(s) and the clutch is attached behind the fabric(s).

    Important design note: if you examine carefully the nail (or pin) you will see it has a tiny pin projection at the side of the base, this is to prevent the badge rotating after it is affixed.

    Each Pack makes 100 25mm Butterfly Clutch-Back badges and contains:

    • 100 x Clear Plastic Mylar Disks
    • 100 x Top Domes/Covers (metal)
    • 100 x Metal Backs with nails attached
    • 100 x Military Clasp/Butterfly Clasp/Clutch

     All you need to complete a 25mm badge is your own artwork (and an Alond 25mm Badge Maker)

    (These are NOT suitable for the Badge-a-Minit machine).

    Trivia (from Wikipedia): Butterfly clutches are sometimes known as dammits, especially in military circles, after the phrase one says when one belonging to an important badge or medal is lost :-)

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